Karina Azaretzky was born in Tucumán,  Argentina in 1981, and she has been living in Buenos Aires since 2012.

She holds a degree in Fine Arts from The National University in Tucumán.

Her photographs are an exploration of the always changing relationship between man and nature.

In 2010 she travelled to London, on a grant sponsored by the British Council, to take part in a photographers interchange between the UK and Argentina. 

Her work has been shown in numerous solo and collective exhibitions since 1999, and can be found in private and public collections.



- Nominated to Leopold Godowsky, Jr. Color Photography Awards 2013

- Nominated to Foam Paul Huf Award 2013

- Emerging Photographers 12, Centre for Contemporary Expressions of Rosario, 2012

- First Prize Photography, XVII Carlos María Navarro Award, 2011

- Second Prize, Caps de Arte Award 2011

- First Mention Photography, XVI  Carlos M. Navarro Award, 2009

- Second Mention Photography, XVI Award Carlos M. Navarro Award, 2008

- First Prize Photography, XXVI Lino E. Spilimbergo Award, 2004 


Exhibitions (selection from the last years)

- “La movida argentina”, Mascate Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2013.

- "Trama", solo exhibition. AMIA Art Space, Buenos Aires, 2013

- “El tiempo que habita”, curators Mariela Delnegro and Marta Penhos, UADE Art Space, Buenos Aires, 2013

- “Del pensamiento a la imagen”, curator Lena Szankay, Studio 488, Buenos Aires, 2013

- Photobook Fair, Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, 2012

- Lima Photo Biennial 2012, Photobook Fair, Perú, 2012

- Caps de Arte Award, 2° prize, UNT Museum, Tucumán, 2011

- XVII Carlos M. Navarro Award, First Prize Photography. Cultural Center “Eugenio F. Virla”, Tucumán, 2011

- 8° Contemporary Art Award, jury selection, UNT Museum, Tucumán, 2011

- Fundación Lebensohn Photography Award, jury selection, Fundación Lebensohn, Buenos Aires, 2011

-  “Sporting Nations: Living the Sport”, curator Adriana Lestido. San Martín Theater’s Photogallery, Buenos Aires, 2010

- 7° Contemporary Art Award, jury selection, UNT Museum, Tucumán, 2010

- 14° Visual Art Exhibition. Catalinas Park, Tucumán, 2010

- Solo exhibition “Latencias”, Círculo, Tucumán, 2009

- XVI Carlos María Navarro Award, 1º mention, Cultural Center “Eugenio F. Virla”, Tucumán, 2009

- XX Anual Show of Argentinian Photojournalism, jury selection. Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, 2009

- XV Carlos María Navarro Award, 2º mention, Cultural Center “Eugenio F. Virla”, Tucumán, 2008

- XIV Carlos María Navarro Award, jury selection. Cultural Center “Eugenio F. Virla”, Tucumán, 2007

-  “Artists from Tucumán”, curators Elda Harrington and Raúl Cottone, XIV Encuentros Abiertos – Festival de la Luz, Centro Cultural “Juan L. Ortiz”, Entre Ríos, 2006







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